Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Facts

trinidad scorpion pepper

Interesting Facts of Trinidad Scorpion Pepper You Should Know

Trinidad scorpion pepper is petite or small, just measure ½ to 1 inch in width and 2 to 3 inches in length.
Even if the exterior color could be wavering mixtures of orange, red and green, this pepper is most often
picked at their hottest stage when it became vibrant red hue. It has smooth and shiny skin, with slight
crinkling and intended grooves which run along the span of the chile. The tip bends and comes to a tiny
point, a signature feature of the Trinidad scorpion pepper and why it is called scorpion pepper. Both the
flesh and seeds of this pepper are hot. Its flavor has been defined a slightly floral even in hard to
recognize because of the extreme, almost unbearable heat.

trinidad scorpion pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Facts: History and Origin
The Scorpion pepper is thought to have created in Trinidad wherein this pepper has been studied since
year 1990, at the West Endies University. This pepper grows in warm to hot weather and at the highest
heat once the plant is stressed. The hotness of the pepper differs depending on the type of pepper, on
the other in these kinds the hotter the setting the pepper is cultivate in, the hotter the pepper could get.
Some farmers also claim that utilizing run off from worm to fertilize this pepper will aid it reach the
hottest point. Commercial production as well as advertising of this hot pepper has happened largely in
Australia and in the United States where it utilized most popularly in making hot sauces. Trinidad
Scorpion chile peppers are accessible from last part of spring season to last part of summer season.

More Facts about Trinidad Scorpion Pepper
Trinidad Scorpion pepper is a member of the class capsicum, and this is a hybrid of the Frutescnes and
Chinese species. This pepper once holds the hottest pepper in the world registering scoville units of
1,400,000 to 2,000,000. The hotness of this pepper towers opposed to the well-known varieties of chile
pepper like Habanero that has just 100,00 to 300,000 scoville unit and the Naga or Ghost Chile that
ranges between 850,000 to 1,050,000 scoville unit.

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Facts: Application
Because of the heat of this pepper, much caution should be taken if working or cutting this pepper. You
should use protective gloves to keep this pepper from touching your skin, even if with multiple pairs of
hand gloves the extract from the skin, seeds or flesh of the cut pepper could eventually seep into your

When utilize in cooking do so in ventilated place and you have to avoid inhaling fumes because it can
irritate your eyes as well as your throat. And those that commercially crop the hot sauce sues protective
clothing, chemical masks and gloves while preparing the chili. This pepper is most popularly utilized in
sauces, chili and salsas. Always remember the just a small amount of this pepper is required to make a
super-hot sauce.


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