Chetty’s Hot Sauce

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Dive into the rich, bold flavours of Chetty's Original Hot Sauce. Crafted from a secret family recipe that has been perfected over...
Red hot sauce may be the most debated condiment in the American diet. Some people swear by it, while others avoid it...
Chetty’s Hot Sauce (Chetty’s Inc.) has been around for over 15+ years, known as one of Canada’s Best Hot Sauce brands, and...
Avoid the same old bland wedding favors and turn up the heat! If you and your bride fancy all the spicy things...

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Chetty’s Inc Ⓒ 2005 – 2024

Established In 2005, Chetty’s Hot Sauce Became One Of The Original Hot Sauce Companies In All Of Canada. After Nearly Two Decades, Chetty’s Hot Sauce Still Remains As One Of The Top Selling Hot Sauces In All Of Canada.