Private Label Hot Sauce

In today's challenge of promoting products, business owners are always looking to promote their business in a unique way rather than the traditional brochure or pen with a company name on it. Here at Chetty's we want to make your search that much easier by promoting your company through our private label HOT SAUCE service!

In 2013 according to, Hot Sauce is one of the biggest trending businesses in North America! And also according to Huffington Post Canada, the #1 food trend is Locally Produced foods/products which Chetty's is being produced right here in Ontario.

So why choose private label hot sauce to promote your product? Well put it this way, when you get handed a brochure promoting a business... What do you usually do? Thats right. It usually gets thrown out. With private label hot sauce, it's almost guaranteed that the bottle of private label hot sauce will be brought directly home because the consumer can actually "use" the product, whether as a condiment or to add some kick while cooking a meal. ALSO, a common phrase when guests are over for dinner these days is "hey you got any hot sauce??" When you pull out a bottle that isn't Frank's/Tabasco/Sriracha hot sauce, your guest will more than likely observe the bottle of private label hot sauce increasing your brand awareness.

Be first in your business niche to promote your company using private label hot sauce and put yourself ahead of your competition!

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