Measuring Hot Sauce Heat Level

hot sauce heat level scoville

How to Measure Hot Sauce Heat Level?

    • Do you know how to determine the pungency of the hot saucy food that you eat? The individuals who enjoy eating spicy foods don’t even take time to notice the level of hotness their food is. As long as the hot sauce is giving them the flavor that their mouth is craving for, they just go on it.
    • People wouldn’t mind about how spicy the food is as long as it satisfies their needs, but, considering the fact that a lot of illnesses that we have is related to the food we eat, then it’s already the time for you to be conscious about the health benefits that you can get in every food that you take. Similarly, it has been proven that eating spicy foods can prevent us from having cancerous cell, but too much intake of capsaicin can lead to stomach problems. So, to avoid having further complications in the body, it is advisable that you become aware of the level of hotness of the spicy foods that you eat.
    • There are ways on how to measure the heat level of hot sauces and some of these include using the following:

Scoville Scale

hot sauce heat level scoville

    • Originally, Scoville scale, which is named after Wilbur Scoville Scale, is the method used in measuring the pungency of hot sauces like chili pepper. Capsaicin as a primary component, found among chilies, is actually the substance that is primarily measured in this test.  Furthermore, in Scoville method, the test is primarily done through mixing large amount of sugar-water to the extract of capsaicin oil coming from an exact amount of dried pepper. An aggregate amount of sugar-water is added until the “hotness” of it is no longer detected by at least 5 tasters. The flaws of this method would include the fact that it is subjective to the personal taste and reaction of the tasters. Even though, it does not give more precise and accurate result, American Pharmaceutical Association regards it as the best method to have an original investigation in the field of medicine, in 1922.

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

    • Starting the year 1970, the use of Scoville Scale has evolved into a newer  method known as the Gillet Method, which uses High Performance Chromatography, as a more precise and accurate way of measuring the heat level of hot sauce, especially  that of chili pepper. It directly measure the content concentration of capsaicin found in the chili pepper.
    • In this method, it uses the mixture of solvent in a stationary state, where dissolution of the compound occurs. Then, a detector captures the distinct compound, thus signals the integrator set up a graphical visual image.
    • Generally, all of these methods are used to measure the concentration of capsaicin found in the chili pepper. It’s all up to you, if what method you are going to choose whether the Scoville method, Gillet Method or other methods that will lead you to find out the spiciness of the hot sauces you want to test.

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