Ghost Pepper Facts

ghost pepper facts

It might be called in different names depending on the region and country; on the other hand it can’t be denied that the hottest pepper in the world was the Ghost Pepper prior to 2013 (Now the Carolina Reaper Pepper). The Western media is popular in the name of ghost pepper and there are also some places that call this as Bhut Jolokia. While some call this Naga Jolokia. This inter-specific hybrid could be found in various areas like on the rural regions of Sri Lanka where it is call as Cobra Chili or Nai Mirris, at the Indian states of Manipur Nagaland and Assam. The origin of this pepper could be rooted in Bangladesh, specifically in the Sylhet region.

ghost pepper facts
The Ghost pepper was formally named as the hottest pepper all over the world when it made it on the list of the Guinness World Record in year 2007. Just how broiling and hot is this interspecies hybrid? The fact that the Ghost Pepper has made it on Guinness Book of Records is a strong testimonial of its characteristics. To be detailed, this is said to be 400 times hotter than the Tabasco sauce.

When ripe, the Ghost pepper measures 1 to 1.2 inches wide and 2.4 up to 3.3 inches long. It could come in colors orange or red the plant where this pepper grows could reach up to 45 to 120 centimeter in height. In India, where this plant comes from could differ in fruit sizes a well as fruit production. Its pods are exceptional due to these are strangely rough with scratched and thin skin. The form of the fruit could be sub-conical or conical with the length which could be from 5.95 to 8.85 centimeter. The surface of the fruit is rough and rough, which it can weigh 6.95 up to 8.97 grams.

The hottest pepper in the world could be utilized in various means. This is an efficient spice that could induce perspiration to make you feel good during the scorching summer or hot days. This could also be used in homeopathic preparation to aid heal stomach aches. Such measure was particularly performed in India. What is more, at this nation’s northeastern part, the ghost pepper, which is the hottest pepper in the world is utilized on fences and could also be mixed in smoke bombs. This approach serves as a security measure to keep off wild animals from entering or coming near people’s properties.

In the year 2009 in India, their Defense Research and Development Organization published their intention to use the hottest pepper in the world in making hand grenades, pepper spray as well as other tools which are made for your safety or self-defense With all these fascinating and interesting facts regarding the ghost pepper, the hottest pepper all over the world, this only shows and proves that this pepper has lots of valuable uses and those could take benefit of its extra hot properties to make spices as well as other valuable tools for your safety.


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