The Perfect Hot Sauce

Chetty’s Original Hot Sauce

Flavor Unbound: Any Dish, Any Time

Discover the secret to effortlessly delicious meals with a sauce that adapts to every recipe.

Natural Goodness for Your Table

We believe in the power of natural goodness. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from feeding your family with a sauce that's free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours.

Taste That Tells a Story

Behind every bottle of Chetty's Original lies a story of passion, tradition, and innovation. Inspired by generations of sauce makers, our original hot sauce is a homage to our heritage and a celebration of our commitment to bringing people together through the power of flavour.

Savour the Award-Winning Taste

Chetty's Original Hot Sauce isn't just any condiment; it's a celebrated champion of taste and quality. Our sauce stands out as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

The Heart of Chetty's Original: Scotch Bonnet Peppers

At the core of our beloved hot sauce is the vibrant and fiery Scotch Bonnet pepper, known for its unique blend of heat and sweetness. Sourced directly from the fertile fields of Jamaica, these premium peppers are the soul of Chetty's Original, imparting a distinctive flavour that's both intense and aromatic.

Pepper’s First Approach

Our 'Peppers First' approach means exactly that: Scotch Bonnet peppers are the very first ingredient listed, making them the main ingredient in every bottle of Chetty's. This shows you're getting a sauce that's primarily made from these premium peppers, offering bold flavour and heat in every drop.

How hot is Chetty’s original?

Chetty's Original Hot Sauce brings the perfect balance of heat and flavour to your table. Our sauce is rated at a [insert specific Scoville Heat Units (SHU) here] on the Scoville scale, indicating a medium-high spiciness level that's both exhilarating and enjoyable.

Perfect Pairings for Chetty's Original

What Our Fans Say

"Chetty's Original has become a staple in my kitchen. It's the perfect balance of heat and flavour, and it goes with everything!" - Jamie L.

"I love the authenticity and quality that Chetty's brings to the table. It's clearly made with a lot of love and attention to detail." - Marcus R.

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Established In 2005, Chetty’s Hot Sauce Became One Of The Original Hot Sauce Companies In All Of Canada. After Nearly Two Decades, Chetty’s Hot Sauce Still Remains As One Of The Top Selling Hot Sauces In All Of Canada.