Hot Sauce

With over 10 years in the food industry we are very proud of where we are today. Our office space is now currently based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and our Kitchen facility is now located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. We are the leading private label hot sauce brand in Canada with our most frequent Wedding Favour orders. Hot Sauce in Canada is on the rise and we are here to satisfy the tastebuds of Canadians and people all over the world. The sodium levels in our products are extremely low which is a great selling point to keep our nation healthy. Chetty's Hot Sauce is a condiment that will remain as one of Canada's Top Hot Sauce Brands. 

Chetty’s Hot Sauce manufactures refreshing flavourful hot sauce using the highest quality natural ingredients for 100% customer satisfaction.  We are committed to provide a unique food experience that satisfies the taste buds of people all ages with the right amount of heat and an unexpected surprisingly complementary flavour.

Our sauces are about flavour combined with the passion in producing a product that satisfies your eating experience every time you eat. The peppers are farmed in the Caribbean without the use of harmful pesticides and only the finest peppers are selected for export to Canada. The main ingredient in Chetty's Hot Sauces is the peppers. They provide the best flavour 100%, guaranteed. And to make Canadians proud of a product they can call their own, it's produced right here in Ontario!

Most hot sauces will give you nothing but flavourless heat, so why not savour the natural flavour of peppers grown right in the Caribbean to give you the perfect heat. Chetty's Hot Sauces contain all natural ingredients.

No artificial colours or artificial preservatives are added.
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